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what the american school system teaches us

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Racist propaganda courtesy of the Liberal Party of Australia. Spread this like wildfire.

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damn it

They’re each with the one they loved the most.


And things are just like they were for Luke at the beginning of the season. He’s in a group, sure. But he’s all alone at the same time.

Amazing art, by the way!

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you think besides seeing other anime make references

hima just looked at these two and thought “oh shit…okay why not”

he saw the opportunity and took it

and did good

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HETALIA X 進撃の巨人 parody 

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It costs an arm and a leg to order a custom-made one, so, I got the coolest one they had!

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we must protect mike from getting killed off by telltale

who’s with me

You really think that they’re going to give a shit after Amid The Ruins?